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Its trans women, because trans is an adjective and women is a noun.   cognitive neuroscientists explain why men like traps and why women like characters such as edward cullen using internet research and many other sources. Why are straight guys attracted to transsexual or transgender women? By admin aug 12, 2018 blog posts. Does finding transsexual women attractive and wanting to have sex with them make you gay or bi, my story? My journey to getting exposed to transsexual women started for me on one fateful afternoon. I have come across different similar situations when it comes to speaking with guys of which i. Sexual attraction to transgender people has been the subject of scientific study and social commentary. Psychologists have researched attraction toward trans women, cross dressers, non-binary people, and a combination of these. Cisgender men attracted to transgender women primarily identify as heterosexual and sometimes as bisexual, but rarely as homosexual.   why do guys like transgenders? I dont understand why guys like others guys that dress like girls or. There are other males who just happen to meet and become engaged in an ongoing relationship with a transsexual for the simple reason that like the rest of society they are caring and companionate individuals who during their.   im a very passable pre op tranny (yes i called me a tranny) and i have female identification and ive been a woman since i was 15 and i know why men like me (because i ask them and i never lie and try to trick them ) well anyway most men tell me im hot or beautiful and i am honest with them from the start and im fun to be around and most importantly unlike natural born women i acually. Trannies do not like gay guys and gay guys do not like trannies, because trannies are feminine and gay guys are into men, not chicks with dicks. Trannies and cds will call themselves gurls instead of girls. To the edge and back im transgender, meaning the gender that was assigned to me at birth doesnt match the gender i identify with.

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